RMS Ministries

This ministry exists to publish apologetic, polemic and theological writings exalting the person and work of the the Lord Jesus Christ as proclaimed in the Holy Scriptures. It is our primary objective to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make all men see the fellowship of the mystery. We proclaim His perfectly complete work: His death, burial and resurrection for our sins according to the scriptures. God manifest in the flesh, the Lord Jesus gave Himself as a perfect sacrifice to reconcile this fallen world unto Himself.

We operate from a Bible-believing perspective. This is to say that we place ourselves in subjection to the written revelation of God as contained in the Authorized Version. As the fully inspired word of God, it carries His authority. There is no higher authority available to men today.

We further operate by the principle of right division. God has delivered His perfect word to mankind and has commanded us to study it. Proper divisions are to be made along dispensational lines. God has dealt with various people in various times by various means and these divine administrations or stewardships are called dispensations.

Recognizing the distinctive characteristics between these dispensations allows us to understand what God is doing today, has done in the past, and will do in the future. This is the divinely commanded method of bible study. We must be dilligent to correctly appropriate Scripture so as to bring the whole of it into harmony.

Only through the lens of Holy Scripture rightly divided can man understand with clarity his history, purpose and destiny. Today God offers salvation and eternal life to all those who place their faith in the perfect person and work of Jesus Christ. We give all glory to the thrice Holy God who hath provided us this privilege and opportunity.